Zimmerman Academy Posts

Welcome to the on-line home of the Zimmerman Academy.  The academy was founded on September 19, 2011.  The academy is dedicated to self defense and blends grappling and cane self-defense with Taekwondo to create a more holistic self-defense curriculum.  We call this system Zimmerman Ju-Jitsu.

Kenneth’s and Caleb’s Black Belt Promotions

We currently train a hand full of personal students, while we continue to develop the curriculum.   Over the next few years, we will be recording the curriculum.

Ken Zimmerman Jr. is the Head Instructor.  Ken has 14 years of martial arts experience with 8 years experience in teaching.  Ken also has been trained in several law enforcement defensive tactic systems.  Ken is assisted by his two sons, “Trey” and Caleb.  “Trey” holds two black belts and is a Yonkyu (Green Belt) in Judo.  Ken has also trained 14 nieces and nephews over the years.